Thursday, December 12, 2013

So much to be THANKFUL for!

Our Gratitude Tree
It has been so fun adding leaves to our tree this month!
I don't consider myself a creative person, but I am proud to say I did come up with this by myself - without pinterest. :)
We really miss fall colors and every time I see this tree I smile! Anyone who has visited our home (and many who haven't) have added a leaf to our tree. This is our second year - though I am much more pleased with the tree design this year - and I believe it's a tradition that we will keep!

SO grateful for our AMAZING family! Missing you all!

We LOVE Aunty Mibi!
Most Sundays we sit at church by Aunty Mibi and the girls typically choose to ride home from church with her. (And I ride home all by myself . . .)

 Father-Daughter Hike to Wailele Falls for activity days.

 Charmaine had never been on a hike before. Even though it took us 5hrs round-trip, she never gave up and didn't even really complain even after falling a few times. I was so proud of her!

Kenna being brave and jumping off the rock. (Sorry for the blurry picture.)
Yes, she is wearing socks. :) Her tennis shoes were too small so she got some serious blisters on the way up that hurt when she jumped into the water. We tossed the shoes AND the filthy socks when we got home. The hike down was challenging because her heels hurt. She did great - especially after reminding her that "There is nothing so bad that whining doesn't make it worse."

Bryn and Kait helping Mom make Grandma Peggy's strawberry pie.

 Since we couldn't be with family, we did the next best thing - 
the beach with friends!
This is beautiful Kahana Bay. I think this will be the backdrop of our next family pictures.
Our friends borrowed a few kayaks so we ventured out into the ocean and explored up a few channels that flow into the ocean. So much fun!

Thinking of Uncle Norm and Aunt Judie!

We LOVE it when it is SOUP weather and we can dust off our snowman dishes!

Mike was the Devotional speaker Nov 26th.
You can watch or read at:
He did a great job! "Be There and Be Happy!"

We were SO blessed to have Mike's Mom out for Devotional. We all LOVED having some really fun Grandma time!

 That's one tired Ladybug Girl!
This didn't actually happen in November, but it was too cute not to post it. :)
 She fell asleep on the walk home after trick or treating. 


Stefanie Johanson said...

Thanks for the updates and pictures! I love you guys!! Aunt Stef

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